Oct 17, 2011


Hello everyone..Hope you had great weekend.. The season hunting has started on 15th and lots of goodies around to hunt for.. What I like about hunting beside the good goodies, is meeting new nice people as well as mean!!!, discovering new shops and just testing the cam movement's talent. Talking about mean people during hunting.. I was super excited in one shop after spending long time looking for an item and apparently everyone was also stuck looking for it... It was a pumpkin wearing wig lol.. So no one was really paying attention.. When I found it, I screamed out where it was.. And all at sudden I got an IM: execuse me miss this is hunting and you totally F%$$@@ up the suspense!!!
I was like O-O WHATTTTTTTTTTTT.. Suspense???!!!! well.. maybe lol... Anyway.. Look for the day wearing almost all new stuff in all of it <3 it
Location: Cupcake
Blogged by: Lolitta Olivieri

Dress:Silk Autumn Dress Beige Brown from: X A N A D U by: Xanadu Damiano (New)
Socks: Overknee Socks black from: Izzie's by Izzie Button (New)

Boots: Kasi Latex - Black from: [PM]Pixel Mode by: Tya Fallingbridge (New)
Clutch: Illusion Clutch - Afrique // Right Arm from: Epoque by: Vintage McMillan (This season hunt item- Look for the chair heheheh)
Earrings:Journey Earring from: Addiction Jewelry by: Atiya Masala
Necklace:  Simple Pearl Necklace from: Curious Kitties by: Ameshin Yossarian (freebie).

Hair: MOURRAY hair - Praline/ Light brown pack from: LeLutka by: Minnu Palen (New)
Skin: SF-JIN-D2-2 from: Dream Ink Design by: esra Noyes (New)

Jewel Pose 05, Karla Pose 07 and Karla Pose 01 from: AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen

JIN from: Dream Ink Design
Dream Ink Designs released recently their new face "Jin".. Jin comes with 5 tones Chocolate, Tan, DeepD II, Dark II, and Pale II.
Each Tone comes with 25 makeup in 5 bundles..Varying between soft and strong which works for any look you want..
Showing you below Make up Bundle 5 in Dark II.

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