Oct 19, 2011


Today's post is featuring "Touch of Asian" Look.. With its colours and clothing.. As well as the new beautiful Asian Skin Mitsuki from The Skinnery.. Full details below the pictures.. Hope you like it.
Blogged by: Paris Honi

Coat:  Kimono Coat - Emberglow/Quarry from: The Secret Store by: Maylee Oh (New)
Pant: Simple Baggy Black (I didn't wear the buggy attachments) from: !Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember (New)
Sweater: KATCHA SWEATER TOP from: CHANTKARE by: Applonia Criss (New)

Bag: F/W Glossy Leather Handbag_Hand_Classic from: Leverocci by: Jin Elfan
Belt: Simple Leather Belt from: !Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember (New)
Boot: Patagonia - Wheat from: [ hoorenbeek ] by: Ansor Hoorenbeek
Earrings: Studio Glob Earrings BW from: Glow Studio by: Jocelyn Anatine
Gloves:Zarema Gloves Grounded from: LaGyo/LG Concept by: Gyorgyna Larnia / Lucifer Berman (New)
Necklace: Eva Maxi boules necklace sulfur (spine) from: LaGyo/LG Concept by: Gyorgyna Larnia / Lucifer Berman
Scarf: My vintage scarf (flowers1) from: Milk Motion by: Marie Lauridsen

Eyes: 'Sunrise' Eyes - Grey (M) from: FASHISM by: Ikon Innovia
Hair: TUN247 hair brown from: *SAIKIN and booN by: boo Nakamura (New)
Hairbase: Gathered raised hairbase brown from: *SAIKIN and booN by: boo Nakamura
Skin: Mitsuko-Mocca(milk)DB from: [the Skinnery] by: Umazuma Metaluna (New)
Under eyeconcealer: Part of Mitsuko skin from: [the Skinnery] by: Umazuma Metaluna (New)

Xsara 03 and Xsara 05 from: AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen

Mitsuko from [the Skinnery] 
Mitsuko is the new face from The Skinnery.. Mitsuko has beautiful soft Asian look and various make up options in normal skin and tattoo layers. 8 Makeup below as in skin (no tattoo layers) wearing them with the concealer.. A lovely detail of under eye dark circle which for me really lovely touch from Umazuma. 

In Tattoo layers, the following options are available (not wearing the co:

  • Picture one wearing Freckles in Light (also available in dark freckles), Teeth and Candy Blush
  • Picture two wearing Cheekbone definition light (also available in dark)
  • Picture three wearing flirty blush and flirty Mascara
  • Picture four wearing drama blush and drama Mascara.

Mitsuko comes as well with four eye brows: Blonde, Red, Brown and Black.

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