Clothing, Accessories, Fashion, Skins. Shapes, Hair
2Real by: 2REAL Okelli
69 by: Kumii Yoshikawa
99 Elephants by: Emelie Carter
A Bird Song  by: Shay Reyer
Acid & Mala Creations by: Mala Oh/ Acidco Ferraris
[Acide!]  by: AcIde Innovia
Action Surf Sk8te by: Marilynmonroe Munro
Addiction Jewelry by: Atiya Masala 
!Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember
[ a.e.meth ] Art & Makeup by: Aemeth Lysette
[Ag] by: Amiee Galicia
AITUI by: Jesseaitui Petion
Alice Project by:Alice Demonia
AL VULO! by: Hlin Bluebird  
Amacci by: Carina Larsen
Amarelo Manga by: Luana Barzane
[ AMG BOUDOIR by: Kimi Claven
Anaphora by: Vidal Giordano 
Anexx by:machang Pichot
Anthem  by: Krisha Ivanova
Aoharu by:machang Pichot
Apple May Designs by: Apple May  
Argrace by: rika Oyen
Armidi by: London Armidi
artilleri by: Antonia Marat
Atomic by: Ivy Graves
Aurora by FUGEES Teardrop
AvatarArt~Pulse by: Lorac Farella 
++AY.LinE++ by: Anywa Nyoki
AZUL by: Mami Jewell
Baby Monkey by: Pixieplumb Flanagan
BAIASTICE by: Sissy Pessoa 
Bax by: Bax Coen
Beautiful Dirty Rich  by: Cameron Vasiliov
.::BeautyCode::. by: JaneDark Miles
b e l l b a l l s . e s s e n t i a l s by: Viollette Vyper
Bella Di Notte by: Jade Glazner
Belleza by Tricky Boucher
Berries Inc. by: summse Sands
{ birdy. }by: Veleska
Bliensen + MaiTai by: Plurabelle Laszlo
BLITZ by: eko Merlin
Blowpop by: Annyka Bekkers
Bonita's Jewelry by: Bonita Popinjay
Boom by: Aranel Ah
BOUNCE  by Archan Allen
[ bubble ] by: moonbubble Gothly
BUKKA by: yano Hyun
[BURLEY] by: Bella Earst
[Calypso Giano] by: Calypso Giano
CandyDoll by: rebeca Dembo
{Cara Bella} by: Momo Leung
Caroline's Jewelry by: Caroline Apollo
!_Ce Cubic effect by: mirai Jun
Celoe by: JadenArt
Censored by: PrincesaCindy Bravitz
::C'est la vie !:: by: Larcoco Mathy
[C'est moi!] by: Marcantonio Beaumont
*** Chaisuki ***  by: Chai Kazan
CHANTKARE by: Applonia Criss
CHANTKARE @ Costa Rica by: Applonia Criss
CheerNo Femme by:Cattiva Vita
CheerNo Homme by: CheerNo Destiny  
Cheap Makeup by: Stella Semaphore
[CIA] by: Ayla Stradling
Clawtooth by: Bubbles Clawtooth 
*COCO* by: cocoro Lemon
.:CoLLisions: by: Guenevere DeCuir 
*Connors* by: Salah Axel
Crazy by: loan Jogiches 
[croire]  by: Emily Kaestner
Couverture by Chocolate Arashi
Curio by: Gala Phoenix
Curious Kitties by: Ameshin Yossarian
 Damselfly by: Shylah Honey
DBS Hair by: DBS Heart
[DD] GROUP by: kalu Zerbino
Death Row Designs by: Jaimy Hancroft
DeeTaleZ by: Steffi Villota
DeLa by: Kuranosuke Kamachi
Detour by: Keri Clip
Discord Designs (-dDx-) by: Kallisti Burns
District by Sommer Restless
D!va  from: Marisa Kira
**DP**yumyum by: Toraji Voom
Doppelganger Inc. by: Syler Morgwain
Dr. Life by: Leena Ying
Dream Ink Design by: esra Noyes 
Ducknipple by: beanster Potato
 Dura by: Chiaki Xue 
: DUTCH TOUCH :: by: Iki Ikarus 
Earth Stone by: Abraxxa Anatine
Eclectica Jewellery
Egoisme by: Ramses Meredith
Elan by: Alatiel Malies
~Elemental Earth Designs~ by: Sirena Penucca 
[elikatira] by: Elikapeka Tiramisu
elly by Elly Naire
****em**** by: mikiya Alter
-Ema's Secret by: Emanuelle Bury 
Emery by: sunami Beck
**en Svale** by: Zooey Yokosuka
Epoque by: Vintage McMillan
{essences} by: Inka Mexicola
Exile by: Kavar Cleanslate
[EY:NO]  by: Andreaa Umino
:::Fab-U-Lous::: by: Alisivia Tyran
☆Fairy's Collection☆ from: Francesca Topaz
*Finesmith Designs* by: yula Finesmith
*FIR & MNA* by: Rob1977 Moonites
Fishy Strawberry by: Fae Eriksen
Filthy by: Alexandra Barcelos
Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
FNKY! & Cake by: Stumbelina Ophelia/ Funk Schnook by: Parvarti Monday
FRUK by: Chucky Hollak
*G Field* by: Cerberus Noel
GABRIEL by: Takuya Jinn
GATO  by: Lalu Bonetto
GIEREH by: Giereh Thorr
GizzA by: Giz Seorn
Glam Affair by: aida Ewing 
Glamorize by: Yoko Leeeroy
Glance by Ava Grau
Glow Studio by: Jocelyn Anatine
Gos by: Gospel Voom
Graffitiwear by: Chalice Piers 
.Grixdale by: Tyr Rozenblum 
+grasp+ by: Asalt Eames
Halcali by: icco Halcali
Heaven's Gate Neo by: Heaven Sella 
H.E.D by: Lyllianna McCallen
H.LUZZA  by: sophy Violet
HOC Industries by: Guu Nishi
[ hoorenbeek ] by: Ansor Hoorenbeek
House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar
[Acide!] by: Acide Innovia
{*I <3FashiOn*} by: PaTTy90 Paule
Illusoryby: Crushed Clarity
Inaya by: Sandro Fratica/ Naalyeh Raleigh
INDI Designs by: Jamie Holmer
Ingenue by: Betty Doyle
InsideOut by: luc Almendros
Iren by: Irischka Hotshot
Iruco by: Luco Veeper
ISON by: Harry Hyx
ISPACHI by: Diarmuid Miklos
{ It-Girls } by: circus Haiku
Izumiya by: Izumi Homewood
Izzie's by Izzie Button
Jane by: Janie Marlowe
*JD*DESIGN by: Joice Dreamscape
*JeSyLiLO by: LiLO Glom
J's by: JB Gasov
Koketka by: Slava Pakin
KENZIE&CO by: Kenzie Craven
Kick the can by: Robin Sjourner
KIK by: as001 Littlething
KLETVA by: Haydee Wisent
::Kookie:: by: Kookie Lemon
KR Shape & Tattoo by: Katrine Rexen
Kyoot by: Saeya Nyanda 
L.Fauna by: Launa Fauna
LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia
. : La Malvada Mujer : . by: Faina Cortes
!Lamb by: Lamb Bellic
Lapointe& Bastchild Designs by: Paul Lapointe
Laqroki by: Mallory Cowen
lassitude & ennui by: Jackal Ennui 
LaViere by: Azure Electricteeth
Leafy by: Kaethe Dyrssen
League by: Nena Janus
[LeeZu!] by: LeeZu Baxter 
. Legit@Marketplace by: Misha Preiz
LeLutka by: Minnu Palen
Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade/Olivia Lalonde
Leverocci by: Jin Elfan
Leverocci@Diagon Alley by: Jin Elfan
LG Concept by: Lucifer Berman
Light Star by: Krystal Silverweb
[Likeli] by: Miraj Ansia
LoQ Hairs by: Gia Pawpad 
Loulou&CO by: lolly Carlberg
(Love) by:Mae Liamano
loveme by: Callia Pearl
Love Soul by: BlueStarRUI Villota
*LpD* by: Nevery Lorakeet
* LPP* by: aoimizuno Meili
(luc) fashion jewelry by: Lucas Lameth
Magari by: Mandi Hotaling
Magpie  by: Emmese
[MAGIC NOOK]  by: Ayumi Cassini
Magika by: Sabina Gully 
Maitreya by: onyx LeShelle
( MAMBOO CHIC ) by: Leona Olivieri
MANDALA by: kikunosuke Eel
Mashooka by: Aradhana Voight
[Matrioska] Doll Skins from: Ghanima Uriza
Mentine by: valentine Biddle
*Meriken Co by: Yaszi Mornington
:MEZZO by: megu Vella
Miamai by: Monica Outlander/ Pill Kanto
.MichaMi. by: Milla Michinaga
miel by:Miel Nirvana/ Mika Nieupo
Milk Motion by: Marie Lauridsen
Mimikri by: Mimikri Kit 
MINA Hair by: Mina Nakamura
Mirai Style  by: Mirai Shan
**M+M**  by: Fujiko Ling
MOJO by: Ethan 74 Rumpler
MOLiCHiNO by: Aurelia Chauveau
>>> moloko <<< by: Jolita Korobase
{Mon Tissu} by: Anouk Spot/ Elie Spot
MONS by: MONSL/ ekilem
MOOD by: Jori Watler
Mother Goose's by: milok Hermit
[[Mozz]] by: Arcadia Morrisey
Mstyle by: Mikee Mokeev
::Mr.Poet:: by: hiwinyu Fazuku
*MUKA* by Muka Release
Muism by: Icemocolo Voom
Mushie by: Bonnie Forder 
Mynerva by: Rhapzody Wilde
My Ugly Dorothy by: Sopha Portal
Natural Beauty by: Miah McAuley
Nanuk by: dowr   
NCplus by: hiro7 Amat
Nemesis by: Calypso Clip
Nha! by: Kyrha Bouscario
Nha! @Le Look by: Kyrha Bouscario
Niniko by: Kae Sahara 
NoiRiLiCiouS by: Noir Ghotly
NSD by: naith Smit
Nylon Outfitters - Yummy by: Polyester Partridge
Orange Creations by nut Bara
[ORTA] by: Valena Glushenko
Paper Couture by: Cora Lu
Pekka by: Kathya Szczepanski
Penned by: Pennelope Thiessam
~Pepper~ by: Danni Pfeffer
:pesca:  by: tsugu Nirvana
[pivaaca] by: Trish Blanco
[PF] by Mochi Milena
PIDIDDLE by: Brutus Martinek
PixelDolls by: Dolce Blackflag
Pixel Fashion by: Amandine Arai
[PM]Pixel Mode by: Tya Fallingbridge
Pomme d Amour by: Prosperitus Nakamura
Posh by: Jeanie Valois
Primitive by: Geyer Schnyder
PRISS by Erin Winterwolf 
{PSYCHO:Byts} by: Psikotik Gothly
PXL creations by: Hart Larsson 
RaMa RoWanberry  by: Faullon
++ Randomocity ++ by: Bailey Serenity
Raspberry by: Raspberry Aristocrat  
* RezIpsa Loc *  by: Rezlpsa Luckstone
rbcg.flagship by: Kyrsten Jigsaw
REDGRAVE by: Emilia Redgrave
(red)Mint  by: Moni Schulze 
Reek by: Riq Graves
.:: Retro' ::., by: clementina Criss
R.icielli by: Vliet Troncon
Riddle by: Chrystina Noel 
Romi Skins by: Romi Juliesse
Ronsem by:Eow Reverie 
Rozena by: Lindsay Rozen
S@BBiA by: Jury Gothly
Sacred Roses  by: Kiera Seda
*SAIKIN and booN by: boo Nakamura 
[ SAKID ] by: Kinu Mayako
Salon de GLOW by: kawadai Criss
(.Salt (and) Pepper.)  by: Petiita Blackbart
Sand Shack Surf Co by: by: Emma Gilmour
::: Septem Essentia :: by silvermoon Ling
Sey by: risey Arai
SG Fashion by: Sasha Gopheller
Shades of October by: Undo Hermano
Shag by: Sadie Aries
Shampooo  by: MIRU Luik
Shiny Things by: Fallingwater Cellardoor
.Sindecade by: Trin Trevellion
SiniStyle by: Krius Misfit 
Skin Flicks by: Mavis McGettigan 
Shitz N Giggles by: Isis Zamin
*SHOP SEU*  by: seu Ahn
Sleepy Eddy by: Metro Moonwall
SLink by: Siddean Munro 
Slow Kitchen by: naoppe Aichi
Sn@tch by: Ivey Deschanel
So Many Styles by: Irie Campese
Southpaw by: Phedre Rossini
Staged by: Dezi Jarvinen 
[Steinwerk Designs] by Aveline Stein
SWEET LEONARD by: Lady Leonard
[taketomi]  by: Sheikra Bakhtar
{TaRget} by: Dolce Scorfield
Tee*fy by: Azure Electricteeth
Tellaq by: Tellaq Guardian
T.G.I.S  by: Freya Olivieri
{theosophy} by: Trace Osterham
The body co.  by: Emma Gilmour 
The Secret Store by: Maylee Oh
[the Skinnery] by: Umazuma Metaluna
TokiD by: Maya Levane
✘ TonkTastic by: Tonk Tomcat 
Tram by: moca loup
Treads by: Ju Weissnicht
TrendStyle by: Emeliy Auer 
Tres Blah by: Julliette Westerburg 
Truth by: Truth Hawks
Tuli by: Tuli Asturias 
*TuttiFrutti* by: Bela Tolsen
:{u.f.o}::  by: charming Meiler
::: unBra ::: by: Andy Bravin
Unique by: Nany Merlin 
Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) by: Andy Enfield
UZURI by: Bella Bombast
Valiant & Sacred by: Wavie Haller
Vassnia by: VPN Ninetails
Viva La Glam by: Chloris Hathor
Vive 9 by: Sanya Bilavio
VOIX by: Gisele Mubble
WASABI PILLS by: MissAllSunday Lemon 
WMD- Weird Monkey Design Industries  by: Maruko Sakigake
WOot by: Joice Dreamscape
Worldwide Industries  by: Minde Mills
X A N A D U by: Xanadu Damiano
.::Y& ruru Brentley  
:: YaYo :: by: Brandi Monroe
YS&YS by: Monicuzza Babenco /Monica Benlli
.::YoPulga::. by: Adelaide Radikal
Zaara by: Zaara Kohime
~< {Zeery} >~  by: Zeerya Pyrithea
Zenith by: Miffyhoi Rosca

Aphotic Gloom@Rebel Hope Designs by: Rico Plisskin
EMORTAL EYEZ by: Mcooter Graves
FASHISM by: Ikon Innovia
IBANEZ by:Annie Ibanez
Poetic Colors  by: Lano Ling

aDORKable by: Adorkable Peapod
Apple Spice Poses  by: AppleSpiceStore
AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen
!Bang by: Trieste Minuet
BENT! by: Catherine Fairport
BehaviourBody by: Antosperandeo Allen
dfo!by: Willa Whybrow
Essential Soul by Steven Dean/ Maeve Storm
*EverGlow* by: Fanny Willis
flowy by: Flutter Memel 
frooti by: Willow Zander
Glitterati by: Katey Coppola
Helamiyo by: Miyoko Magic
hmaem  by riri Bazar
.jaH by: Lemon Artemesia
Just a Pose by: Glamouramama Boa
Juxtapose  by: Rain Laval
Label Motion by: anne Dakun
[LAP] - Long Awkward Pose by: Dove Swanson
[Lauria] by: Lisanna Lauria
LostAngel by: Evangeline Cortes 
MARUKIN by: Valencia Southard 
Olive Juice by: Isabellagrace Baroque 
OTEANIMATE by: otea Jewell
PoseBunny by: Buffy Faith
[socialANGtz] by: Suri Yangtz 
.:S:. Stance Poses & Props by: Catriona Dagger
.synt. by: Scarlettlily Saphir 
TeaSoup by: Tea Soup
Shops with limited/Special Edition/Discounted Collection:
Chic Boutique
Chic Limited
Fashionably Late
Grunge Soul Project
Limited Couture
Miss & Miss Pro
-My Second Wardrobe-
Perfect Wardrobe
The Black Market
The Circle Project
The Dressing Room
The Dressing Room blue
The Fashion Garret
The Private Room
The Tropicalia Bazaar

Decoration furniture/ Textures:
[ARIA]  by: Yelo Uriza
*Art Dummy! by: Gala Charron
Atelier Kreslo by: Gala Charron and Flutter Memel
Insight Designs by: Amisha March
KAO / iTuTu by: Kao Sands and denchu Dench
Kari by: Menno Ophelia
LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
mudshake by: Isolahara Catteneo
Picnic by: nyasyousa Oh
::Rucott:: by: Ruki Ragu
Sculpty Creations Animals by: Jon Haskell
*Sway's Creations*  by: Sway Dench
~Tableau Vivant~ by: M4ri1yn Magic
The Loft by: Colleen Desmoulins
Traks Sculptie Furniture by: Fastrak Creeley
Virtual Decay by: Maddison Mokeev
{What Next} by: Winter Thorn