Content Thefts/ Copy Bots..

We would like to emphasize on the fact that we are totally against brands/products using copybot items or stolen contents.. And we will not whatsoever show such items in our blog.. We personally came cross some brands that we witnessed ourselves their regular similarities in copying others and we stopped blogging for them.. Without harassment and announcing it all around the grid... Because we are not perfect and our judgement could be wrong..

We have been contacted by some designers informing us via mails in flickr, and inworld notecards/ IMs of some other designers accusing them of theft.. Some managed to show us evidences and some couldn't deliver the same but just their word.. Such information might be true and might be not and a person is innocent until proven guilty with tangible evidences and not just words of mouth..

We all know the world of SL is full of DRAMA and the marketing industry including fashion is on top of that.. There are so many templates available for sale to anyone.. It is so hard now to identity who is stealing who unless the template is made specially for a certain designer.. So stories could be told only to break the competition, ruin the others reputation and image..

As bloggers we appreciate and admire different brands.. What goes between designers of competition, and any other thing...etc is something between them and we think bloggers should not be involved in it as we are just individuals and not legal department or law Bureau.. If a designer can prove legally that someone stole his/her content then they can provide all evidences to LL and then LL are responsible for taking the proper action legally and get all your rights..

We thank you for your understanding and thank you for reading..We believe in Love and Peace...