Oct 24, 2011

Breath of Life

Hello sweet people.. Look of the day featuring some of the new items released this week and the past weeks.. Hope you like..
On Lolitta (Left):
Poncho: Native Poncho *blue stripes from: {essences} by: Inka Mexicola (New)
Short: Short Jeans with Belt (black) 1 from: {essences} by: Inka Mexicola (New)
Socks: Lady Clare from: Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade
Sweater:Cozy Fall Sweater teal from: Izzie's by Izzie Button (New)

Bag:  Autumn Collection Bag from: X A N A D U by: Xanadu Damiano
Boots: MESH Wellingtons in Coffee v1.0 from: Gos by: Gospel Voom (New). Boots come with three sizes in the pack, short, Medium and Tall.
Earring: Jan earring from: LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia (New)
Ring: Coraline ring copper from: LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia

Eyes:'Sunrise' Eyes - Dark Silver (M) from: FASHISM by: Ikon Innovia
Hair: MOURRAY hair - JustDone from: LeLutka by: Minnu Palen
Skin +Freckles+ Eye Lashes: { Essences } Mara available@Perfect Wardrobe (New)
Teeth:  Mixx - Teeth (Version 2) - Light skintones from: [[Mozz]] by: Arcadia Morrisey

[l'antre] galaxy gypsy from: MARUKIN by: Valencia Southard
Mistress of dissintegration from: Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade (New)
Corrupt sweetness from: Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade (New)

On Paris (Right):
Dress: Color.Me.H.O.F ASimpleDress[Cream] available @ CHANTKARE Basics (New)
Pant:  Jeans Feet from: from: [Likeli] by: Miraj Ansia (New)
Shoulder Fur: Part of  FurSweater [Black] from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl (New)

Bag: [TheOlsen[Black]SIL]L Hand no Pose from: House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar/ Jared Jharls/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
Boots: Black Boots from: [Likeli] by: Miraj Ansia (New)
Bracelet: Leather Bracelett (Black) from: !Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember (New)
Watch: Nightstalker Femme from: [Steinwerk Designs] by Aveline Stein

Eyes: 'Sunrise' Eyes - Grey (M) from: FASHISM by: Ikon Innovia
Freckles: Makeup_freckles 2 Part of Lena skin Iren by: Irischka Hotshot
Hair: Raw Sugar ; Copper Top from: Posh by: Jeanie Valois
Skin: {Tan} Jejune Halah - Light Thick Brows from: Tres Blah by: Julliette Westerburg
Teeth:Mixx - Teeth (Version 2) - Light skintones from: [[Mozz]] by: Arcadia Morrisey

Over the threshhold from: Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade (New)

All from: LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
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