Oct 30, 2011

Something Got me Started

First of all I would like to thank my partner in crime "Paris Honi" for such lovely work with these pictures.. Just to mention regarding our pictures.. Our base shots are not edited.. All done inside SL, using windlight settings and in the preferences menu. Shadows like avatar floor shadow is done in Photoshop since the Anisotropic Filtering and Antialiasing options don't work with shadows and causes SL to crash. Very minor edits that won't make the outfit or avatar look different than SL platform. That's all..
Hope you like my Halloween look of the day.. Which I like and I thank again Paris Honi for her picture idea..
Blogged by: Lolitta Olivieri
Dress: -X-  Halloween Dress Glitter black & Feather from: X A N A D U by: Xanadu Damiano (New)
Fur on forearm: Fleshtone :: Fur Stole [Black] [Arm] from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl

Gloves:  ENIGMA :: Black from: Loulou&CO by: lolly Carlberg
Head Band: Peony widow from: LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia

Feet: Gift_BareFeet from: *COCO* by: cocoro Lemon (Group Gift)
Hair base: Jet Black from: LoQ Hairs by: Gia Pawpad
Makeup: Halloweeen Makeup002 part of Halloween Dress Glitter & Feather from: X A N A D U by: Xanadu Damiano (New)
Skin:  Inocencia Skin - Open Mouth from: [Matrioska] Doll Skins from: Ghanima Uriza (New)

All from: OTEANIMATE by: otea Jewell (free poses on the wall)
Posted by Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta at 12:18 PM


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