Oct 21, 2011


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Richie is the new handsome face from "Tellaq" skin shop who are the lead-in my opinion with no question- in ethnic male skins as wells as females...I came to know about Tellaq beginning of 2010 through my RL cousin who was crazy about shopping and about SL fashion (it runs in the family lol).. He tped me with my boyfriend to take a look at the shop.. I was so amazed about how these skins look so real.... He was addicted to their skins and was asking me to take shots of his news skins as profile pictures.. My passion about working on male portraits started from that point.... It was so much fun working specially with Tellaq because of the realism.. It was like real mixed with unreal which was really fascinating.. Tellaq Guardian, the artist behind those skins beside being talented he is such down to earth person..Very generous and I'm so pleased to meet such a person..
Honestly I'm not writing all this because I'm blogging the skin its because I'm a fan of Tellaq .. And now I'm more than a fan when I tried it myself with the several shapes I have... What can I say but PERFECTOOO!!!
Tellaq Direct TP 

Ok now is the time to talk a little about Mr.Richie.. It is sold as a pack and not single skin.. The pack comes with 3 eyes (wearing the black here), Shape (I'm wearing my own), and 10 different skins in two tones totalling 20 skins in the pack.. 
Two tones difference
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