Jun 30, 2011

Taking Chances...

Hello sweet people.... Well well well... Can anybody guess who is that hottie boy in the picture?? That is boy is PARISSSS.... Yesss... The idea started when I saw picture in Nina's stream dressing like a boy and it clicked the head of Paris to try that out... And here is the new gorgeous boy in town named Paris Honi.. Not a male alt but just Paris herself walking and flirting like a pure 100% naughty boy.. We had so much fun taking these shots as Paris really didn't stop making funny comments as a boy and if I don't know her in rl I would have said she is a boy..Just to note if any designer wanna send boys' items they very welcome ^=^.
We hope you like our looks of the day and enjoy your weekend.. Plus shake your pockets for the hair fair!!! Sooo looking forward for Lelutka hair posted.. Not sure about the others. Usually we get teasers from designers but this time not..
On Lolitta (Left):
CHANTKARE by: Applonia Criss
H.E.D by: Lyllianna McCallen
Capri:H.E.D. Rolled Up Capris Navy Pants
Capri Cuffs taken from the white version of the capri
Mentine by: valentine Biddle
Boots:Mentine - Basic Ankle Boots - black (New). These new boots come with many many options with just one click. You get to change the main colors of the boot to 6 dark colors (Raven, Ash, GlamBlack, Sugar, Smoke and Midnight). Raven is the color used in the picture. Also you get options to change the toe color, with fur or without, edit colors of the sole, plate and accent.. AMAZINGGG
LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia
Bangle:LaGyo_Waves bangles L (New)
Earrings:LaGyo_Noa earrings (New)
Really amazing new collection of accessories and Jewellery. Thank you so much Gyorgyna.
{*I <3FashiOn*} by: PaTTy90 Paule
Bag:{*I <3 FashiOn*} - City Bag (New)
[elikatira] by: Elikapeka Tiramisu
Hair:[e] Again - Red 05
( MAMBOO CHIC ) by: Leona Olivieri
Skin:(Mamboo Chic): Bell_hot beauty_09 (Coming soon)

On Paris (Left):
Niniko by: Kae Sahara
Shirt 1:"NINIKO"LOOSETANK ver.2(black)
H.E.D by: Lyllianna McCallen
Shirt 2:H.E.D. Henley Long Sleeve White Shirt
!Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember
Pant:!Admiral Spicy! Low Pulled Jeans Black (New)
{*I <3FashiOn*} by: PaTTy90 Paule
Belt:{*I <3FashiOn*} - Survive Happily Belt (New)
* LPP* by: aoimizuno Meili
Headset:Panzerlied headset part of outfit*LPP* TankRiders Panzerlied (SLX)
✘ TonkTastic by: Tonk Tomcat
Scarf:TonkTastic - Keffiyeh (chest)
2Real by: 2REAL Okelli
Bonita's Jewelry by: Bonita Popinjay 
Beeds bracelet:Black Double Wrap Bead Bracelet~Low Shine
Apple May Designs by: Apple May
Necklace: (AMD) Dream Catcher Necklace
The body co.  by: Emma Gilmour
Skin:the body co. Ash (06 Tan) - blonde hair (New)
Facial Hair:the body co. Ash (06 Tan) - facial hair (blonde) unshaven (New)
L.Fauna by: Launa Fauna
Freckles:L.Fauna Dimples  Freckles [Tan]

Apple Spice Poses  by: AppleSpiceStore
Apple Spice - Against the Wall Static Poses (New)
Glitterati by: Katey Coppola
[LAP] - Long Awkward Pose by: Dove Swanson

LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
LISP - Bower Hat Lamps
LISP - Collector Drapes - Olive 
LISP - Amelie Tabletop Plant
Traks Sculptie Furniture by: Fastrak Creeley
Traks Accent Chair - Asian 5
Traks Accent Chair - Asian 1
{What Next} by: Winter Thorn
{what next} Summer Knick-Knack Shelf
{what next} Laurel Cottage Print 1
{what next} 2 Plain Books #1
The Loft by: Colleen Desmoulins
The LOFT - Book Stack
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