Jun 29, 2011

All The World..

Hello everyone.. YAY hair fair is close close close toooooo close and I'm so excited about it. Even if neither lolitta or I got lucky being bloggers for the fair but we just happyyyyy .. We have some skins to blog but we both waiting for the fair to have nice close ups of skins wearing new hairs ^=^. So forgive us designers just give us couple of days if we got lucky to struggle in the fair must lag.,,
I Love everything about this look.. It's cute, romantic, sweet, girlie, innocent, and I just love it.... :-)))
Well I've been listening to a nice song in the radio and it's great song which I inspired that look from it.. And the title of course.. Hope you like...
YAY to add I have created gorgeous sexy boy avatar as me Paris. Not an alt.. So there is new boy in town his name is Paris Honi.. Hopefully I blog him with lolitta soon if we both manage to get together during this busy summer..
Listening to: Fauxliage - All the World
Blogged by: Paris Honi
GIEREH by: Giereh Thorr 
Dress:GIEREH. Lucyanni Dress/Blue (New)
Hat: GIEREH. Tinna Hat. Cream (New)
The Secret Store by: Maylee Oh
Top 1: The Secret Store- Darling cardigan - Faded Blue 2 (New)
GizzA   by: Giz Seorn
Top 2:**GizzA** BonBon Blouse [Blue] Upper (New)
Earth Stone by: Abraxxa Anatine
Necklace & Earrings:Faedra's Crest N&E Set, Multi/Black -EARTHTONES boutique-  (PM)
lassitude & ennui by: Jackal Ennui
Boots:lassitude & ennui Miss Highlands grey
fri.day by: Parvarti Monday 
Hair:fri. - Jennifer.3 - Cynical Black
Mother Goose's by: milok Hermit
Skin:.::Mother Goose's::. Alicia1-freckle
[PF] by Mochi Milena
Lipstick with teeth: Part of Skin [PF] Elly <Honey> Doll Gloss/Teeth (Blood) (New)

.synt. by: Scarlettlily Saphir 
Posted by Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta at 5:28 PM


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