Jun 17, 2011


Finally Lolitta and I managed to get together and present some of the cute items released recently.
Basically the summer collection of Lelutka is ADORABLE!!!! OMGGGGG we both gone crazy what to get.. Every single peace is just so so amazing.. We just picked one item each for the time being..
Also we got cute new Hat Cases from Le Poppycock (all shown here). Thank you so much Julliette Bade.
Plus showing you the new bags from {*I <3FashiOn*}... Thank you Patty..
Hope you like.
Listening to: Jennifer Lopez- Louboutins
Hat Boxes from Le Poppycock, up in the pictures from Left to right:
Heart running up the staircase, Faded fragrance, Playing the G Minor Sonata, and Humbled into dust. 

On Paris (Left):
LeLutka by: Thora Charron / Minnu Palen
Top:[LeLutka]-CUTE top/scream (New)
Shoes:[LeLutka]-MISCHA/Sheer (New)
Hair:[LeLutka]-BIEL hair - IdontBleach
Lipstick: [LeLutka]-LOLA -Lipstic_Nature Matte Part of Lola Skin
!Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember
Pant:Admiral Spicy! Light Low Ripped Jeans (New)
miel by:Miel Nirvana/ Mika Nieupo
Apple May Designs by: Apple May
Necklace:(AMD) Hemp n' Beads Necklace
Mother Goose's by: milok Hermit
Skin:.::Mother Goose's::. Jamil-II(B)1 (New)

On Lolitta (Right):
District by Sommer Restless
Top 1:[District] Clementine Top/Navy (New) Thank you so much Sommer
Niniko by: Kae Sahara 
Top 2:"NINIKO"Retro Blouse-laceType(White)
LeLutka by: Thora Charron / Minnu Palen
Capri:[LeLutka]-CAPRICA jeans/base 3/4 (New)
miel by:Miel Nirvana/ Mika Nieupo
elly  by Elly Naire
Hat:elly::cowboy.hat [gray] (New) , Thank you so much Elly
Orange Creations by nut Barak
Shoes:#OC# Mercy - Cobalt
YS&YS by: Monicuzza Babenco /Monica Benlli
Earrings:*YS&YS* MyLove II Earrings Silver
Maitreya by: onyx LeShelle
Hair:Maitreya Lara - Walnut
JeSyLiLO@Grunge Soul Project!
Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::Gsp:::*TanSkin* ( Shiny ) (New)
: DUTCH TOUCH :: by: Iki Ikarus 
Lipstick:::DT:: ::Yri:: LIPstick - Serie A - Nr 4
Glamorize by: Yoko Leeeroy
Freckles:.:Glamorize:. Freckle Face - Cheek to Cheek 
As we mentioned in the intro, the above bags are new from {*I <3FashiOn*} that you can only find in Accessory Fair 2011 which will run through until June 26th at 3 PM SLT. The Fuchsia version of it is created for the Foundation "Runway for Life " and the proceeds will be donated to charity. Direct TP to the shop @ Accessory Fair. 
Bags from Left to Right: Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Pink, Fuchsia. The side design shown in the Fuchsia is also in all other bags. 
Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade
Izumiya by: Izumi Homewood
frooti by: Willow Zander  
LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
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