Jul 3, 2011

Lie to Me...

Hello sweet people.. We have  visited yesterday hair fair and struggled within the lag.. And not just the lag.. Also sim restarts lol.. But was not that bad like the years before.. Lolitta grabbed 3 hairs only and Paris grabbed 10 LOL.. We never knew there are sooooo many hair shops in SL but that would be interesting to visit after the fair is over..Most busy sim is Hair 1 the rest are laggy yes but very bearable.
New items (skin, blazers, accessories...etc) shown below hope you like..
Listening to: Depeche Mode Lie To Me
On Paris (Left):
[C'est moi!] by: Marcantonio Beaumont
Blazer:C'est Moi! male blazer (New)
Shirt:C'est Moi! L.Blue stripes polo
Pant: C'est Moi! My bf  l.blue jeans M
!Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember
Necklace:!Admiral Spicy! Skulleh Necklace
Lunch box worn on mouth: !Admiral Spicy! Lunch Bag (New)
BUKKA by: yano Hyun
Watch:[BUKKA]watch black(L)
2Real by: 2REAL Okelli
Shoes:PURE 1.3
Argrace by: rika Oyen
Hat:*ARGRACE* Military Cap/Back "Very Short" ~ (Black)
The body co.  by: Emma Gilmour
Skin:the body co. Ash (06 Tan) - brown hair
Nanuk by: dowr
Beard: NANUK birk beard brown (New)
Amacci by: Carina Larsen
Teeth: Amacci - Teeth Tattoo 1
Glamorize by: Yoko Leeeroy
Freckles: .:Glamorize:. Freckle Face - Allrounder

On Lolitta (Right):
[C'est moi!] by: Marcantonio Beaumont
Jacket:C'est Moi! my short jacket (New)
Shoes:C'est Moi! My basic pumps pink
elly  by Elly Naire
Tank1: elly::basic.tank [lt.pink] (New)
The Secret Store by: Maylee Oh (New)
Tank2:Ribbon Tank - Black 4
Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade
Short:*Les Shorts* My gorgeous shadow (New)
LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia
Earrings:LaGyo_Aitana earrings (New)
Rings:LaGyo_Noa 3 stones ring (New)
Necklace:LaGyo_Kai necklace (New)
Posh by: Jeanie Valois
Posh@Hair Fair Sim 2
Hair 1:(Posh) ; Amore ; Latte (New@HairFair)
!Lamb by: Lamb Bellic
Hair 2: !lamb. Soma - Butterfinger (shown down in the skin review pics)
Apple May Designs by: Apple May
Skin: (AMD) Ziyi - Peachy - Earthy 1 (New)

[LAP] - Long Awkward Pose by: Dove Swanson
MARUKIN by: Valencia Southard

LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
LISP 905 - Designer Challenge (New)
Bread Basket

Full skin review:
Apple May released its latest cute skin name Ziyi.. Cute as always.. The skin comes with 7 tones and 4 Makeups in each skin (wearing Peachy below).

 Skin Tones below: Gothly, Pale, Peachy, Tan. Carmel, Deep Tan, Dark
Posted by Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta at 5:39 PM


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