Jul 22, 2011


Heya...... The shots below were one of the hardest shots during edit.. Reason why?? Cuz the female and male avatars here are meeeeee Paris.. LOL.. In all my previous shots as male, Lolitta was with me.. Except for these shots.. I started with white backrgound to ease the edit, then I found it so pale and boring so  I re-took the shots again in my home ground.. So I took all the shots of the male look.. Then changed to my female look.. And when the time came in editing I was stuck with the boxes I used as props. I don't wanna draw your attention to the errors LOL but I think I managed in the end...
Showing you some of the new stuff released this week and last week.. Or maybe earlier? ^=^ Hope you like.... And Hope you spend great weekend ...
Blogged by: Paris Honi
Left Look:
Top:fashion victim tshirt: FASHION GARRET SUMMER EDITION (New)
!Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember
Pant:!Admiral Spicy! Bag Baggy Pants (Pink) (New)
Glow Studio by: Jocelyn Anatine
Earrings+ Necklace:[ glow ] studio 70' set (New)
[Steinwerk Designs] by Aveline Stein
Watch:[SteinWerk] - Nightstalker Femme
League by: Nena Janus
Shoes: *League* Shin Boots v1.2
Discord Designs (-dDx-) by: Kallisti Burns
Hair:-dDx- Arianrhod - LVE Selection (New)
[PF] by Mochi Milena
Lipstick+teeth:PF] Elly <Honey> Juicy Gloss/Teeth (Petal)
Note:  The below items are no longer available :=((
Skin:{Cara Bella} _ Gemma _ Abbronzata _ Makeup
Glove:[VG] - 'Brody Gloves' in Fuschia - Glove Layer

Right Look:
Gabriel by: Takuya Jinn
Jacket:::GB::frontopen Shirt Check BLACK
!Admiral Spicy! by: Sunny1986 Ember
Tank:!Admiral Spicy! Tanktop (Lightgrey) (New)
Pant:!Admiral Spicy! Bag Baggy Pants (Black) (New)
~Elemental Earth Designs~ by: Sirena Penucca 
Bracelet:*EED* Shizen Black~ Jade Vines Bracelet (New)
Necklace: *EED* Shizen Black~ Jade Vines Necklace (New)
Piercing:  *EED* Men's Steel and Onyx Piercings (New)
Sey by: risey Arai 
Bangle: :sey black leather bangle [Guys]
. Legit by: Misha Preiz
Chest Tattoo:Find the Truth: Fresh 1
InsideOut by: luc Almendros
Body Hair: InsideOut - Body Hair - Gentle
2Real by: 2REAL Okelli
Shoes:PURE 1.3
NSD by: naith Smit
Hair:[NSD] Rob Hair/Espresso
The body co.  by: Emma Gilmour
Skin:the body co. Hunter (05 Sunkissed) - brown hair
Sacred Skins by: Wavie Haller
Beard:*Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Beard V1 - Light
Eyeliner: Part of Brandon Skin pack.

!Bang by: Trieste Minuet 
frooti by: Willow Zander 
Glitterati by: Katey Coppola

LostAngel by: Evangeline Cortes
Beer bottle part of [LA]Z-Boy Dormeuse
FNKY! & Cake by: Stumbelina Ophelia/ Funk Schnook
Cigarette box and ashtray 
Virtual Decay by: Maddison Mokeev
Animated TV
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