Jan 2, 2011

Close your eyes and Make A wish...

Happy Sunday lovely people.. I'm terribly sick at home and couldn't go to work today :-(
First yes the weekend in my country is on Friday and Saturday. I'm having this continuous cold that doesn't wanna let me go. Every couple of month I get it and it started to annoy me so much.. But best thing about being sick is not going to work heheheh.

So I'm closing my eyes, praying to God, to help me recover from that cold.. Inshallah..

I'm in love these days with comfy dresses look and I personally love dresses.... And No place better than SL offering wide range of cute dresses.

And ahhh before I forget.. I'm so much fan of closed eyes pictures in SL and I wanted to try it my own after seeing several of my colleagues in their blogs with such pictures. Nana Minuet in this awesome capture.. I tried and tried and failed but I managed it in the end..

Written by: Paris

Dress: oyakin*mizutama-onp*(gray
Legging: couverture - Leggings White
Fur: tram- fur tipet 2[snow white](random fur)
Flats: tram Fur Flats (black)
Bracelet: [BUKKA]Color-Bracelet-white(M)
*SAIKIN and booN
Hair: booN UKA687 hair blonde
Hairbase: booN gathered raised hairbase blonde
Skin: ::DT:: ::eefje:: Peach - Basic CL1 EBblond FR
Lipstick: ::DT:: MakeUp - LIPGloss - Faded Serie - CherryRed
eyemakeup: L.Fauna Basic Shadow [Gray]
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes - 05
hate me and eat me
Pose: -hmaem- *At a Word*
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