Nov 13, 2011

Turn back time..

Hello everyone... We were so busy these days trying to change the layout and blog logo (for maybe the fourth time in one year).. And finally we are sort of satisfied with the new look.. Pink is not our colour but we guess it works so well with the girls fashion theme...  
Ok we stop blubbing now and lets talk about the great first vintage fair event in SL... Great clothes, skins, hairs, shoes, accessories and the list goes on.... Unfortunately we couldn't teleport yesterday to the sim as it was full and honestly suffering through the lag is no fun and we won't enjoy shopping at all.. 
In this post we showing you some of the items that can be found in Vintage Fair..  Details of shops' locations can be found HERE
On Paris (Left): 
Dress + Socks: Florance dress-blue from: BAIASTICE by: Sissy Pessoa (New available @VF)

Bangle: Stone Encrusted Cuff_SkyStone from: Leverocci by: Jin Elfan (New available @VF)
Belt: KnotBelt -Teal (LeftPec) from: VOIX by: Gisele Mubble (New)
Clutch: Lora purse Teal (w/o pose) from: LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia
Hair Band: "Flower" black Iren by: Irischka Hotshot (New available @VF)
Shoes: Country Wedges from: HOC Industries by: Guu Nishi

Eye lashes: LesMakeups_Lashes 13 from: Miamai by: Monica Outlander/ Pill Kanto
Hair: Girl*20(Chocolate)resize from:  Dura by: Chiaki Xue
Skin: Jessy=-Vintage Skin from: Iren by: Irischka Hotshot (New available @VF)

Poses: All from AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen
Brandi Pose 01
Elena Pose 03 and 06 (New)

On Lolitta (Right):
Dress + Socks: Florance dress-brown from: BAIASTICE by: Sissy Pessoa (New available @VF)

Clutch: Femme Fatale Gold-Chain Bag [Noir] [Clutch] from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
Earrings: Alluring earrings from: Addiction Jewelry by: Atiya Masala (New)
Gloves: Fine Gloves Toffee from: The Secret Store by: Maylee Oh
Head band: :head.scarf [lace.antique] colour moded by me from: elly  by Elly Naire
Shoes:  Powder Puff from: ::Kookie:: by: Kookie Lemon

Hair: Tsubaki(coffee) from: KIK by: as001 Littlething
Skin: Dharma from: {essences} by: Inka Mexicola (New available @VF)

Poses: All from MARUKIN by: Valencia Southard
[Brogue] Shiny siding
[Atlas Gloves] naked clover and Chocolate Candy

Dark Wood Blanket Trunk - tex change touch cloth from: LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
Autumn Paris Clock from: LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
blue Heart art from: Insight Designs by: Amisha March
The Loft - Wisteria Sconce 5 and 6 from: The Loft by: Colleen Desmoulins
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Lindsay Kocherigin said...

I love the new lay-out! Good job girls! This post looks awesome as well - AS ALWAYS! Cheers! :))

Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta said...

Thank you so much sweetie glad you like it mwahhh

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