Nov 27, 2011

Listen to the silence of the trees..

Blogged by: Paris Honi

Hello.. Today's post featuring new items from Fleshtone, Chantkare, and the lovely skin Lena for the Black Friday skin addiction group 50% sale.. Hope you like.
Location: The Secret Soho- Inspiration Point
Blogged by: Paris Honi

Dress: Envy from: CHANTKARE by: Applonia Criss (New)
Inner shirt: part of Swami Dress Black from: ☆Fairy's Collection☆ from: Francesca Topaz (New)

Clutch: Essentials :: Toni Fold-Over Clutch [Black] R Hand from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl (New)
Cuffs bangle: Stone Encrusted Cuff_Emerald from: Leverocci by: Jin Elfan (Available@ Vintage Fair)
Earrings and Necklace: Jan from: LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia
Ring: Ishtar Flower Ring from: A Bird Song  by: Shay Reyer
Shoes: Lavender Platform Pumps Nero from: Leverocci by: Jin Elfan (Available@ Vintage Fair)

Hair:  [rylin] brown from: (Love) by:Mae Liamano (New)
Skin: Lena-Peacock(honey)LB CL from: [the Skinnery] by: Umazuma Metaluna (New for the Black Friday Addiction Group sale).
Teeth+ cheek bone definition Light tattoo: Part of Lena-Peacock skin from: [the Skinnery] by: Umazuma Metaluna (New for the Black Friday Addiction Group sale)

All from: AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen

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