Aug 19, 2011

You and I ...

Helllo sweet nations around the globe.. Showing you today some of the new releases that we really happy to show you today.. Specially the new Olsen bags from House of Fox.. GORGEOUSSSSSSSS.. Full detail of it below the pictures... Also House of Fox released scarves, skirts, and tops.. We will be showing you these in coming posts... Great great collection as always.. Also Izzie just released its awesome fringe tops which come in 9 colours.. One the most well done fringes tops... Thank you Izzie.. Hope you like..
Title of this post is from the great new song by Lady Gaga "You and I".. The video clip is very provocative and honestly annoying.. But we just can't stop admiring the Gaga..
On Lolitta (Left):
Izzie by Izzie Button
Top: Fringe Top olive (New)
House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar/ Jared Jharls/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
Scarf: StatementScarf[Vintage] (New)
[C'est moi!] by: Marcantonio Beaumont
Short:Hig waist jeans shorts (New)
CHANTKARE by: Applonia Criss
Necklace:PONY NECKLACE (spine) (Group Gift)
~Elemental Earth Designs~ by: Sirena Penucca 
Bracelete + Ring: Shizen Black~ Jade Vines
Anexx by:machang Pichot
LeLutka by: Minnu Palen
Hair: OFFICE hair - IdontBleach (New)
League by: Nena Janus
Skin: Deeptan -Kate- Forest (BT)

On Paris (Right):
Crazy by: loan Jogiches 
Dress: Vintage Dress (New)
Magari by: Mandi Hotaling
Pant: 11 signature denim - W05 (New)
House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar/ Jared Jharls/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
Scarf: StatementScarf[Girly] (New)
Bag: TheOlsen[Nude]R Hand no Pose (New)
Glow Studio by: Jocelyn Anatine
Bangle:  Fiori Bracelet (New)
Necklace: Precious Peacock Necklace (New)
F l e s h t o n e by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
Shoes: Nude Koda Platform Pumps
LeLutka by: Minnu Palen
Skin: FLUTTER-Alba/LB/-mk8
Hair: BRIGITTE StrawberryBlonde (New)

 .:: Retro' ::., by: clementina Criss
 [Lauria] by: Lisanna Lauria 
 Glitterati by: Katey Coppola

Decor from:
LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
mudshake by: Isolahara Catteneo
The Loft by: Colleen Desmoulins

Olsen Bags:
The gorgeous Olsen bags come in 7 colors.. And each bag comes with several holding options and gold/silver buckles.. Very well done and beautiful...
All colors shown up from left to right: Coco, Nude, Silver, Canary, Gum, Sky and Black
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