Aug 26, 2011

I Belong to You..

Hellooo.. I love everything about this look from A to Z.... starting from this gorgeous short hair from action, Chantkare as always have this beautiful dress which is coming soon @ The fashion Garet on 29th of August, and finally the new beautiful skin Loghan from Inaya.. The most thing I love about this skin that it reminds me of Jessica Biel ^=^.. Specially that I'm a fan of mat lipsticks in rl but can't wear them. I keep licking my lips when I feel them dry heheh.. Full review of the skin is below the pictures.. 

Also to add, I'm wearing beautiful first mesh earrings from Pixel Dolls.. I really like how realistic they look like.. I had very funny story with these earrings.. Not cuz of them as earrings not at all. I'm a real noob when it comes to technology and I didn't know what mesh is and what is it all about.. Then while I was walking around someone IMed me: Miss your earrings look funny and huge.. 
I thought well SL again.. ok fine paris go and clear your cache.. I did.. and back again to my last location.. Same person said: miss your earrings still look funny!!! I was like : DAMNNNN with this girl viewer.. I see all ok I see all fine what is her issue.. I relogged like tzilion times..
Then I met lolitta who was using SL viewer older version than 3.0. She saw the same weirdo earrings dangling and I was really going crazy.. Then I read all about it in Tanaquil Beaumont@Dunes blog which perfectly explains what is mesh. Thank you so much... If any viewer that does not support mesh like older viewers or third party viewers, others using these would see the mesh items worn look weird.. Also you can read this Jira.. Not sure if this is good revolution as Tanaquil said or bad.. We wait and see..
Blogged by: Paris Honi
Available @ The Fashion Garret on 29th of August
Dress: KERRY DRESS (coming soon)
LeLutka by: Minnu Palen
Gloves: GlovesYELLOW
PixelDolls by: Dolce Blackflag
Earrings: Bathory . Gold . Black Pearl (New)
Loulou&CO by: lolly Carlberg
Bracelet: CREPUSCULE :: V.2 (L.Hand)
House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar/ Jared Jharls/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl
Bag: [TheOlsen[Canary]R Hand no Pose
Sey by: risey Arai
Necklace 1: siesta
Necklace 2: vushuddhi eye necklace=Xsmall=
Action Surf Sk8te by: Marilynmonroe Munro
Hair: Eleanore - Chai Root (New). This hair is available at the moment for group members until 01st of September then it will be sold for everyone.
Inaya by: Sandro Fratica/ Naalyeh Raleigh
Skin: Loghan 1 HB (New)
FASHISM by: Ikon Innovia
Eyes: Sunrise' Eyes - Light Brown (S)

KLETVA by: Haydee Wisent
Le Poppycock by: Julliette Bade

Loghan skin review: 
Loghan beautiful skin comes with 6 makeups and two versions with hairbase (blonde) or without. All colors shown below not photoshopped or any additional tattoo make up worn. Love it soo much beside the mat lipsticks, the realistic under eyes puffs and the nose :-)))

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