Apr 14, 2011

I believe...

Hello everyone.... Today while I was editing the pictures for blogging I was wondering how Secondlife has changed my life and made me discover things inside of me I would have never imagined I would ever be able to do or feel. Main thing finding my true love.. Some people differentiate between SL love and RL love.. Love is one and the heart is one...You can't just divide your heart and shut it down once you log off!! Am I right? And he is my only one love..

Second thing using Photoshop.. For some its easy breezy tool and for me it was just a tool for graphic designers and IT geeks!! That how I was thinking about it until SL made me find out how wonderful program it is and I started working on pictures, learning, and competing with friends through flickr and posting pictures..

Creating a Blog!!! I have established this blog along with lolitta and both of us are "THICK HEADED" honestly !!! LOL.. Takes us ages to understand things and we just made it.. After months of trying to understand what a blog is and looking at our fellow friends blogs, and fighting of course.. Blog is more like stress relief place not just adding and layering clothing..
My english got improved and typing speed as well LOL.. Learning very few words in some foreign languages . And hey why people when learning new language they like to learn dirty words first hahahhahahah and I'm not an exception.
Metting different people from different places I would have never got any chance to meet them in my country.. SL is a wonderful place and I surely love it regardless of some incidents of ups and downs, tears, stress, boredome, it will always be a place remembered in my heart..
I'm just emotional today.. Sorry for blubbing.. Love you all

Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You
Blogged by: Paris Honi

Dress:** [ Riddle ] ** Meia Tunic - Yellow (New)
Le Poppycock 
Cap:Le Poppycock *Le Cap* Plucking her petals (New)
Bag: LaGyo_Leather tote bag lemon with pose (New). Thank you Gyorgyna Larnia.
Shoes:ANEXX_StrapWedgeBootee_Camel (New)
Bangle:Zaara : Melange bangles yellow  L
Earrings:ZC : Melange Earring - yellow
Nylon Outfitters - Yummy
Necklace:(Yummy) Heart Window Necklace
Discord Designs (-dDx-)
Hair: -dDx- Gift Bag (Robyn) (Group Gift New).Thank you Nana Minuet.
Vive 9
Skin: Ginta -  Base [ marble ] Brunette Brows/ Freks
Eye Shadow: :Glamorize:. Soft Smoke Eye Makeup - Soft Gold

[Lauria]  Butterflies poses
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