Dec 20, 2011

Beautiful Things.....

Hello everyone... Those shots really took me longer than any time I ever took any shots!! The updated SL viewer was crashing on me every two seconds.. And to relog again, had to wait for couple of minutes.. And the updated Beta version is not any better... After several tries it worked finally but items' textures were not loading and some parts were showing grey until I was about to call it a day.. Since my schedule in RL is a bit tight these days I finished the shooting and pls forgive the some parts showing in grey *sad face :-( *.. After these shots I decided to give a try to Firestorm and I really like it...

Today's look theme is "daily look in black" featuring new items from House of Fox, Maitreya, Fleshtone, Lagyo, Nemesis, Hehhe I was so happy when I found out through my friend Lucretzia that I was one of the lucky winners for Maitreya's new collection to choose the fatpack of the dresses or the bags.. Was hard to pick but I decided to pick the bags.. Thank you Luc for telling me (I never won anything in SL nor RL) and Onyx LeShelle

Look 1:
Blouse: frill Stand-up-collar blouse long sleeve -black from: **M+M**  by: Fujiko Ling
Pant: Lola Pants [Black] from: GizzA by: Giz Seorn (New)
Poncho: DunnPoncho - Black from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl (New)
Shirt 1: Raven from: Crazy by: loan Jogiches (New)

Bag: Leather Satchel * Mint-Grey (hand) from: Maitreya by: onyx LeShelle (New)
Boot:  ArchBoots[Nude] 2.0 from: from: House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar
Earrings: Twisted Krissmuss - Yule from: from: Bliensen + MaiTai by: Plurabelle Laszlo (New)
Gloves: Zarema Gloves Nostalgia from: LaGyo by: Gyorgyna Larnia
Necklace: LaGyo_Sachin necklace - combo e (Available @ Four Corners  from 17- 31 December)

Hair: TUN247 hair chestnut from: *SAIKIN and booN by: boo Nakamura 
Hairbase: gathered raised hairbase chestnut from: *SAIKIN and booN by: boo Nakamura 
Skin: Claire 06 Cateye Teeth from: YS&YS by: Monicuzza Babenco /Monica Benlli (New)

Naomi Pose 02 from: AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen

Look 2: 
Dress: GrecianDress [Black] from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl (New)

Bag: Leather Satchel * Camo (shoulder rigged) from: Maitreya by: onyx LeShelle (New)
Bracelet left: Muse bracelet bamboo from: Nemesis by: Calypso Clip (New)
Bracelet Right: Send me an Angel - Bracelet from: Bliensen + MaiTai by: Plurabelle Laszlo (free gift)
Necklace: Feliz Navidad - Double Strand Necklace from: Bliensen + MaiTai by: Plurabelle Laszlo (free gift)
Shoes: JusticeWedges[Pattern Socks] from: House of Fox by: Fashionboi Landar (New)

Hair: Posh_DBrown01 from: [BURLEY] by: Bella Earst (New)
Skin: Claire 12 Natural Teeth from: YS&YS by: Monicuzza Babenco /Monica Benlli (New)

Bent essential pack 1-7v2 from: BENT! by: Catherine Fairport

Look 3: 
Dress: TrenchDress [Black] from: Fleshtone by: Gisele Mubble/ Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl (New)
Legging: Basic Leggings Black from: Crazy by: loan Jogiches (New)

Bag: Leather Satchel * Beaver (shoulder) from: Maitreya by: onyx LeShelle (New)
Boots: from: Celoe by: JadenArt
Bracelet: Muse bracelet black R from: Nemesis by: Calypso Clip (New)
Fur Scarf: Fur [black] from: Halcali by: icco Halcali (New group gift)
Ring: Equality rings silver L from: Nemesis by: Calypso Clip from: (New)

Hair: Call the Lions - Coco from: Clawtooth by: Bubbles Clawtooth 
Skin: Claire 08 Passion Teeth from: from: YS&YS by: Monicuzza Babenco /Monica Benlli (New)

Essential Pack 1-7 from: BENT! by: Catherine Fairport
Victoria pose 10 from: AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen
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