Sep 24, 2011

Black Velvet...

Hello sweet people.. Today showing you some of the latest releases from Izzie, Filthy, and the secret store..
Thank you Paris for these amazing shadows...
Blogged by: Lolitta Olivieri 
Blouse:  Puffy Blouse - Lilies Teal/Coral
Skirt:Pencil Skirt - Quarry
Both from:The Secret Store by: Maylee Oh (New). This item is still not available in the main store. You can find it in MODAVIA

Necklace:Bead Necklace orange from: Izzie by Izzie Button (New)

Eyes: moon - espresso (m) bright from: Poetic Colors  by: Lano Ling (New)
Eyelashes: LesMakeups_Lashes 14 from: Miamai by: Monica Outlander/ Pill Kanto
Hair: Opal - Kit Kat from: !Lamb by: Lamb Bellic
Skin: Paola . BeachTan . 04 ( Fr ) Filthy Skins by: Alexandra Barcelos (New)

AUSHKA & CO -Francesca Pose 03 from: AUSHK'A&CO  by: Aida Oxygen
Izumiya  Free Pose F07 from: Izumiya by: Izumi Homewood

Paola from: Filthy Skins by: Alexandra Barcelos
Filthy skins released its new beautiful face Paola. Paola comes with 7 make up and freckles/no freckles skins. Plus cleavage in tattoo layers. Available in 6 tones. 

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