May 27, 2011

Send me An Angel......

Happy Friday sweet people.. Couple of new items in this picture.. Actually more than couple.. I hope you like it... Again I give my personal thank you to Pandora Popstar, the creator of LISP Bazaar furniture. How wonderful her creations is.. I just love every single piece created by her talented mind..
Also I'm giving my personal thank you to Miss. Sunny1986 Ember, the creator of Admiral Spicy for the gorgeous new flats "!Admiral Spicy! Flatehs" I'm honored to show in this post.

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Blogged by: Paris Honi
 Direct TP to !Admiral Spicy! 
Shoes from Left to Right: Beige, Blue, Redish, White, Lime and Black. 
Other items:
GATO  by: Lalu Bonetto
The Circle Project
Dress:GATO- Doll Me (New @ The Circle project)
[MAGIC NOOK]  by: Ayumi Cassini
Shirt:[MAGIC NOOK] Les Reveurs Tee (Teal)
.Grixdale by: Tyr Rozenblum
Legging:Grixdale - Vintage Dot - Leggings (VIP) - Picnic 1 (March VIP Group Gift)
Maitreya by: onyx LeShelle
Scarf:Maitreya Voluminous Scarf * All colours in-one (Chest)
Socks:Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks * Slate
miel by:Miel Nirvana/ Mika Nieupo
Bangle: miel - FRIENDO bracelet (New FLF 27/05/2011)
Necklace:miel - FRIENDO necklace (New FLF 27/05/2011)
The Fashion Garret
Earrings: HouseofFox :: JL Earrings (TFG) (New)
priss. by Erin Winterwolf  
Head accessory:(priss.) - Girly Headband [Golden] (New Group Gift)
*SAIKIN and booN by: boo Nakamura 
Hair:booN YNO421 hair chestnut
Hair base:booN gathered raised hairbase chestnut
Dr. Life by: Leena Ying
Skin:DrLife Skin Sandy-Tan(Modifiable Makeup)
: DUTCH TOUCH :: by: Iki Ikarus 
Moles & Freckles::: Part of Dutch Touch LuuS skin pack (New)
L.Fauna by: Launa Fauna
Eye makeup:L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Pink/Teal]

!Bang by: Trieste Minuet
Glitterati by: Katey Coppola 

LISP Bazaar by: Pandora Popstar
Postal Chair Set includes decor (New)
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