Mar 17, 2011

You my Angel...

Hello sweet people... Just simple looks for the day.. We miss blogging together but recently SL is becoming more like a stressful place than relaxing. So many new things happening and changes.. That putting us both down to even bother and log... Maybe it will be better we hope.. 

Also when we took these shots it was yesterday .. The day of rolling restarts which seriously kicked us off every place we go for pictures. We know white backgrounds could be boring but we think it works so well with the colorful outfits we wearing today. Hope you like and tata ^-^

Listening to: Aerosmith - Angel

On Lolitta (Left)
{Mon Tissu}
Jacket: {mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket - Used (New)
Shirt: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Rhodonite (New)
Skirt: S H I N E -Sophie Skirt/blue (New)
The Secret Store
Legging: Tape Leggins - Salmon/Lavender
Necklace: NHA! Necklace Nitta(Cream)- Blogger gift thank youuuuu <3
Bracelet: *League* Wanderer Bracelet -Hand (Plain) L
Boot:Mentine TYCOON Boots - Pink Leather (New)- wonderful boots with variety of pinkish color change otions as well as the lovly pochette)
Bag: Mentine TYCOON Soft Leather Pochette - Pink (New)
Hair: [e] Just - Brown 08 (New)
.::Mother Goose's::.
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. + YU +_01a (New)

On Paris (Right)
Shirt 1: fri. - Traveler's.Tank (White) - Top (Shirt)
Cardigan on shoulder: *COCO*_Cardigan-on-Shoulder_White(chest)
Skirt: S H I N E -Sophie Skirt/floral 01 (New)
Necklace: (Nha!)Necklace feather
Watch: [BUKKA]watch black(S)
Leather bracelet: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelet :: CREPUSCULE :: V.2 (L.Hand)
Gold bracelet: -= UZURI =- Harem Bracelet (free)
F l e s h t o n e
Bag: Fleshtone :: Femme Fatale Silver-Chain Bag [Noir] [Shoulder] (New)
Sand Shack Surf Co
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Spring Fling Wedges - Limoncello
Hair: [e] About - Blonde 07 (New)
.::Mother Goose's::.
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Trudy-II_5a (New)
Freckles Tatoo: *YS & YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer Part of Susan skin

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Anonymous said...

Simple is good, and both of you are cuties :)
I just want to say that I understand the way you feel so much.
I have been feeling the same too lately.

Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta said...

Thank you so much Ashe for your lovely comment and visit.

It seems like epidemic :-)))

Lila Quander said...

I know how you feel lately. Anyway, I actaully like the white background. T be perfectly honest, you two would look great against any background. Your style and creativity is what makes your pics ^.^

Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta said...

Thank you Lila you always kind and sweet with us.
We like to change between the home studio we have and outside public shots. It is easier in the studio though :-).. hugsss

Kaelyn Alecto said...

You say simple I say LOVELY <3 (((HUGS))) you both I know the feeling.... and the song by Aerosmith = LOVE

Double Trouble Paris and Lolitta said...

Thank you Kaelyn :-)) you so sweeeeet

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